Staple Vodka Soda Lime

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Staple Drinks

Say g’day to your new Staple drinks! It’s simple – we’re canning the mixes you know and love, bringing you healthier, convenient bevy’s that are ready to drink when you are. Our difference? The unreal taste, and we’re not just saying that…

Hell-bent on delivering tasty tins and epic memories, Staple is more than a drink, it’s the new normal. Best served cold, straight from the can, over a solid yarn with mates.

Vodka Soda Lime

A mouth-watering take on an Aussie staple. Packed full of real limes (skin and all, to eliminate waste) delivering a refreshing, zesty flavour. A splash of apple juice adds natural sweetness and mouthfeel. Finally, a highly sessionable vodka soda lime with unreal taste!

Best served cold with mates.

All-natural (no nasties) 89 calories Low sugar (1.o gram, from real fruit) Gluten-free