Coast Seltzer Blood Orange

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About Coast Hard Seltzer

Throw a Seltzer in one hand and Shaka in the other because our Blood Orange Seltzer is a pearler!

Introducing the new kid on coast!

I'm your new best mate, your go-to drink of choice, crafted on the Surf Coast, Victoria!

Waves of sparkling water, spiked with alcohol and mixed with natural flavours - seltzers are the new boozey spritz for any day! 

We've got 5 rad reasons for you to fall in love with Coast...

1. Low Calories - We know, soooo good!

2. Low sugar - Like the lowest of low and only from the natural flavours.

3. Vegan - Because we care!

4. No Gluten - Everyone say YAY!

5. No worries - The best way to live.

And a million more reasons once you've tried it that will have you amped and coming back for more!