18 Can Seltzer Mixed Pack

18 Can Seltzer Mixed Pack

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About our 18 Can Seltzer Mixed Pack

This 18 pack of ultimate refreshments are low or zero sugar, low or no carb, contain close to no calories and many are also vegan...what's not to love! These delicious Hard Seltzers are a far more refreshingnatural-tasting alcoholic drink than regular RTDs. Good on the lips and easy the hips!

  • Yuzu Citrus by Tidal
  • Peach by Ray
  • Watermelon and Mint by Ray
  • Pink Grapefruit by Sips
  • Ginger and Lemon by Sunly
  • Plum and Berry by Sunly
  • Blood Orange by Sunly
  • Lime & Soda by Fellr
  • Blood Orange and Passion by Delvi
  • Ginger and Lime by Basic Babe
  • Watermelon by Basic Babe
  • Outback Finger Lime and Mango by ARC
  • Lemon Myrtle and Pink Grapefruit by ARC
  • Lime Orange and Bitters by Brookvale Union
  • Juicy Juicy Grapefruit by Brookvale Union
  • Peach by Lost Palms
  • Raspberry by Vacay
  • Pure by Vacay

*Flavours subject to availability