We Support Jimmy Niggles Beard Season

Summer = Sun = Seltzers
The Seltzer Store is passionate about keeping all Aussies and visitors to our beautiful sunburnt country safe. We all love to get out and about with mates and love spending our days by the pool or beach and our afternoons out boozing in the sun. 
That's why we need to protect ourselves from the potential short and long-term effects of enjoying this favourite past time!
To assist our mate Jimmy Niggles in his quest, through his foundation Beard Season, to CHAMPION THE EARLY DETECTION OF MELANOMA, we have partnered with Gold Coast based MooGoo Skin Care and will be selling their 120gm Natural SPF40 Sunscreen at $20 a tube then donating ALL profits to "Beard Season"
You can read more about Beard Season and MooGoo Products at the links below!
Thanks for jumping on board and supporting a great cause!
Happy and Healthy!