Sips Hard Seltzer

Born and Raised: Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC

Loved and Nurtured by: Husband and Wife at Cool Cool Beverage Co

Crafted by the legends behind Sips Sparkling Water, the Hard Seltzer range is a delicious extension of the beloved Australian brand.

Sips Hard Seltzer is a craft range, infusing locally sourced, 100% natural ingredients and botanicals to create deliciously moorish flavours.

Classic fruit flavours are paired with Native Australian Botanicals and triple distilled vodka for the freshest, juiciest and easiest drinking seltzer.

Based on vodka and sparkling water, Sips uniquely appeals to a broader customer group including women, non-beer drinkers and those looking for a clean and crisp tasting beverage with no brewed aftertaste.