Brookevale Union Boozy Seltzer

So what's in Brookvale Union Boozy Seltzers and how are they made?

The main ingredients in our Boozy Seltzers are carbonated water, epic natural fruit flavours and booze. The sweet nectar is brewed to perfection thanks to some wizardry from our legendary brewing team to create a super clean tasting, Refreshalicious boozy beverage that's bursting with natural fruit flavour. Believe it or not, the booze in our Boozy Seltzers is beer. 'But it doesn't taste like beer at all?!', I hear you exclaim. That's because these juicy boys are super-filtered to strip out the beer-y taste, beer-y smell, so all that's left behind is the booze. Strap in your tastebuds... they're in for a wild ride.


How many calories are in each Seltzer can?

There are less than 90 calories in every can of Brookvale Union Boozy Seltzer. That's on par with the calories in 6/7ths of a banana. No, really.