Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer released

Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer has partnered with beverage veteran Dean Grant on its new range, which focuses on locally farmed organic ingredients and pure Australian waters.

With the refreshing and light characteristics of hard seltzer proving popular in international markets, Delvi co-founder Mike Vati was interested in creating a uniquely Australian take on the category.

Delvi Alcoholic Seltzer

“When we set out to create our Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer range, our priorities were clear,” said Vati. “We wanted to bring the uniquely fresh and enriching Australian elements to each sip and we knew that to do this well, we needed to partner with some of the best in industry.”

The result is Delvi’s new Blood Orange Passion and Desert Lime Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer.

“We wanted the international markets take us seriously and see that over here in Australia we know what makes a great refreshing seltzer to be enjoyed,” said Vati.

“As Australians, every day we immerse ourselves in nature and our environments, whether that be out on a surf or on a run. And it’s this nature that breathes so much life into the plump and delicious organic fruits we eat and our beautiful fresh waters. That is at the heart of our product and why we think Australian seltzer can be the best in the world.”

Delvi Sparkling Alcoholic Seltzer is available here 

September 17, 2020
By Alana House