Basic Babe seltzer taps into millennial market

Basic Babe seltzer taps into millennial market

It’s shaping up to be a seltzer summer as consumers embrace new entrants such as Basic Babe to the booming category.

Mark Collins, Co-Founder of Babe’s parent company Basic Brands & Co, believes the potential for seltzer sales in Australia is huge.

“The Australian lifestyle is one big seltzer usage occasion,” he said.

His millennial-focused brand is health conscious and environmentally friendly, with zero sugar and zero carbs. It features premium natural flavours, neutral grain spirit and purified sparkling water.

“We wanted to create a brand that satisfied the demands of the modern day millennial drinker, a brand that was relatable to the biggest consumer group,” explained Collins.

The team behind Basic Brands have been in the FMCG space for more than 10 years across the UK, Europe and Australasia. Collins said the business is about “stripping out the BS from ingredients and marketing” to deliver authenticity from a brand and marketing perspective.

Basic Babe

There have been an explosion of new products on shelf in recent months, however Collins believes Basic Babe has the inside running on what makes younger consumers tick.

“We may have only 55 calories per can, but that doesn’t mean we have sacrificed taste,” said Collins. “We have worked tirelessly on our flavour profiles, and we believe we have achieved the best tasting hard seltzer on the planet.

“Flavour aside, we are very fortunate to have a world class social media influencer list with a reach of around 20 million confirmed to assist with Basic Babe, along with our stand-out Instagramable packaging, and the lowest calorie count of any seltzer in Australia,” he explained.

Following the positive response from trade and consumers to the brand, Basic Brands already has a new Basic Babe variant in the pipeline to join launch flavours Watermelon and Ginger & Lime.

“We have a pretty exciting launch happening late October with a new flavour, the packaging is next level incredible on many levels,” Collins said.

Vintage House to distribute Basic Babe

Vintage House Wine and Spirits has been announced as the exclusive Australian distributor for Basic Babe, with product available from October 1.

“We have been monitoring the alcoholic seltzer market very closely following its boom in the United States,” Vintage House said.

“When approached by Matt Hanks and Mark Collins at Basic Babe we saw a great opportunity to use our sales and distribution team to take their hard work and innovation to the next level.”

Basic Babe is also available online at The Seltzer Store –

September 25, 2020
By Alana House